Washing Machine Advice – Filters

Most washing machines have a filter that is accessible from the front of the machine.



Iif you have one of these machines then you should check this filter once a month to clear out any debris that has collected there such as coins, hairclips, small toys.

To check simply open the flap and unscrew the filter.  However you must be careful to screw it back in properly to prevent cross threading and leaks afterwards.  If you clear your filter regularly it can prevent problems such as smelly machines and drain/spin faults.

Dishwasher Advice – Powders/liquids

All dishwashers need Salt, Rinse aid and Cleaning powder/liquid.  Even if you buy products that claim to do all 3 of these jobs it’s always best to use separate salt and rinse aid anyway.  The Salt is part of the water softener in the dishwasher if you do not put salt in yours it can eventually cause non soft water which gives bad wash results.


We recommend Finish products for dishwashers, this is because they only produce products for dishwashers and they give the best wash results.

If you are finding poor wash results but you have heat and everything seems to be working correctly, you should run a finish dishwasher cleaner through and then switch to finish products.